Content Strategy

Say it straight, simple and with a smile.

Identify patterns in human interaction. Keep syntax consistent.

Dynamic content and meta-data travel hand-in-hand.

Task-Action Real Estate

As a visual designer, with a fine arts background, my UXD work is super buttoned up. I also bring an extensive background in content strategy. I got my start in working with Julie Chopra at OgilvyInteractive. She taught the importance of aligning screen real estate and content hierarchies to user needs. I brought these skills over to TMP, re-architecting complete designs for KaiserPermante, KMPG intranet and Edward Jones, and continue to build IA strategy into all of my projects.

SEO & Endeca Faceted Navigation

With Digitas NYC, I authored many large-scale technical documents (over 600p) for American Express. The experience taught me so much about how to clearly denote/describe specifications for technical writing. In addition, I worked extensively with Endeca on a marketplace experience for IBM.

For access to my password protected portfolio, please contact me at: