Visual Design

The art of translation.

Drawing can inform an artist in a way that is not easily matched.

Learning to draw means learning to discern the qualities of visual forms and the spaces they occupy. Composition is dictated by rules.

Maryland Institute, College of Art

BFA Fine Arts

My Bachelors in General Fine Arts focused on art history, charcoal drawing, bronze sculpture, photography, color theory and painting. It serves as the basis for everything I design. I’m happy using a torch and a foundry.

The reason I’m able to carry large-scale production lines end to end is because I draw and sculpt bronze really well, it taught me how to translate the abstract into form. I consistently bring this art of translation to every design I produce.

Parsons School of Design, New School University for Social Research

MFA D+T Research Continues

My Masters Thesis in Design + Technology was controversial as I used an existing brand as a means of concept. While the academia struggled with the message and form, the industry got it right away and really loved it. Through this work, I met my mentor, Ultan Guilfoyle, the curator of the Art of Moto at the Guggenheim, in NYC.

I had seen Ultan’s show years earlier and it was the reason for my deep love of moto. He reviewed my prototype in the public forum where I submitted for review. 500 Views – 50 Comments. Ultan loved my work. My ‘Nike-Goddess’ pierced through the heart and thesis solved in the final deliverable as provided in the user research and testing report.

Masters Thesis: Prototype

Content Ducati: An Investigation of the Space of Interface and the Design of User Experience.

The intent of my project was to create a new kind of interactive, 3-dimensional, cinematic experience of brand design. It used the translation of product aesthetic as a means of user experience, and as a tool for connecting to the target audience. The navigation system provokes the user to go ‘deep into space’ and engage the user through the play and perception of 3-D.

The solution provides content design that responds to the touch, moves the user ‘through space’ to access event and product content, and offers a cohesive information structure that is easy to understand and a delight to use.

Thesis Document  (126p) Mmacquarrie_MFADT_thesis.pdf

Thesis Prototype, developed in Flash, is available on request.

For access to my password protected portfolio, please contact me at: